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Flat Bed Freight Services - Texicalibur LogisticsTexcalibur Logistics, LLC Handles your Flatbed Shipping Needs

When your shipping needs require a flatbed solution, Texcalibur Logistics, LLC is ready to provide one. As a logistics company with almost a quarter-century of experience, we know what it takes to move your freight about the country. Our team of logistics experts can help you source flatbeds of all varieties – with tarps and without – to ensure that your shipment reaches its destination safely and efficiently. Operating from our headquarters in Houston, TX, we take special care to guarantee that we execute our role in the supply chain perfectly so that your business can continue to run smoothly.

Understanding the Practicality of Flatbed Shipping

Efficient transportation and logistics services help the economy grow and thrive. Being able to transport freight dependably directly impacts the manufacturing, development, and retail sectors, among others. Flatbed trucking enters the equation for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it is not necessary to enclose all freight in a dry van. Using a flatbed to ship your business’ cargo can increase your options, save you money, and improve efficiency. Furthermore, you may need to transport freight that does not fit onto a standard trailer or cannot be loaded and unloaded from a dock. The versatility of a flatbed trailer allows lumpers or specialized equipment to load your shipment from all angles. Texcalibur Logistics, LLC can source flatbeds in a variety of styles to meet your supply chain management needs. Among the types of flatbed trucks we can use to achieve your logistics goals are step decks, double drops, and removable gooseneck (RGN) trailers.

Offering Flexible Flatbed Freight Shipping Options

Shipping your freight on a flatbed truck allows flexibility and a way to reduce your costs. We can send just about anything on a flatbed truck aside from products that can be easily damaged by Mother Nature’s elements. We can protect your cargo from some wind and rain using tarps, but that is not always suitable for retail products. However, flatbeds are exceptional options for any freight that is too tall or wide for a typical dry van trailer. Texcalibur Logistics, LLC has helped facilitate the nationwide transport of a wide variety of items, including:
• Machinery such as tractors, forklifts, and warehousing equipment
• Large beams or trusses
• Lumber
• Freight that is taller or wider than 100”
• Freight that needs to be sideloaded by crane or roll-off platform

Benefits of Flatbed Services from Texcalibur Logistics, LLC

At Texcalibur Logistics, LLC, we have perfected our mission of delivering efficient, reliable logistics services. Our commitment to customer service has helped us become a leader in the transportation industry, allowing us to provide nationwide flatbed shipping coverage at competitive rates. We can provide flatbed truck solutions regardless of the specific type of equipment that you need, even accounting for over-dimensional and overweight shipments. We will customize solutions to guarantee your operation continues to run as smoothly as possible. Furthermore, while your freight is on the road, Texcalibur Logistics, LLC utilizes a vehicle tracking system. You will always know the location of your load and never have to worry when you entrust us with your flatbed shipping needs.

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Do not settle for mediocrity by using another third-party logistics company for your flatbed shipping needs. Let Texcalibur Logistics, LLC handle the job. We have proven ourselves to be industry leaders dedicated to delivering dependable supply chain services. Whether you need to transport a giant beam down the street or a load of lumber across state lines, we will execute the job cost-effectively and with careful precision. Call our office in Houston, TX today to receive a free estimate (713) 465-1996.

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