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Avoiding DOT Fines for Non-Compliance, should be the number one concern to any business that operates commercial motor vehicles with CDL-licensed employees should have a good understanding of the federal law regulating these vehicles and drivers. If you’re unsure if your business falls under federal department of Transportation (DOT) or federal Motor Carrier safety Administration regulations, please refer to the links below.

At Texcalibur Logistics, we understand the world of administrative compliance can be frustrating and time consuming. Our experience with this has led to the development of creating a system to help you stay in compliance with all the DOT regulations and making this system continues to capture all the information and requirements that the DOT audit has of DOT regulated companies. This system has been instrumental in keeping our clients proactive in staying organized. This service isn’t only for start-ups. We can tailor our services for a New Entrant Audit Preparation , Maintaining DOT Compliance, or for the emergency DOT Audit implied notice.

DOT Safety Audit Assistant Packages:

New Entrant Audit Preparation: Companies who plan to make Safety their primary goal of the regulations. This includes, New Company complete Set-up & Prep, Company Policies, Procedures, Driver Qualification file with a check-list, Driver application, Vehicle Maintenance file with check-list.

Company Compliance File clean up: DOT Compliance and the regulations can be challenge while trying to be responsible for several drivers and vehicles, and keeping up with staying organized with all the files, could be daunting.

DOT Audit implied- notices: Did you received an audit notice? ARE YOU Concerned? Texcalibur DOT Administrative Consulting service is here to help! DOT Audits can result in fines up to $12,000 per violation per day. Companies without the right precaution in place are at risk each day.

DOT Compliance Audits can be triggered by any of these events:

  • High CSA Point Ranking / Roadside Inspection
  • New Entrant Exams (3-10 months after start-up)
  • Serious Accidents or Violations
  • Random Selection

It’ll Cost Ya!!

Non-Compliance with DOT Regulations is a safety hazard, but it’s also quite costly. Fines are assessed on a pre-instance basis. For example, employers who haven’t performed background checks on employees will be penalized for each employee. If the average fine for this compliance issue is $3,000 an employer with 10 drivers can quickly rack up $30,000 in fines. Don’t Risk these high fines or getting shut down, Consultant with Texcalibur Logistics, LLC we are here to help. Our team are also Bilingual, we are here to help. Call us today!

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