• Let Us Help Your Company Meet OSHA Requirements

    Hazardous Waste Disposal by Texcalibur Logistics, LLC

    If your company handles hazardous waste, then you are required to meet strict OSHA rules for disposal. At Texcalibur Logistics, we can help you ensure that your company is meeting OSHA guidelines with our logistics management and carrier services, so you can avoid the fines and potential lawsuits that come with noncompliance.

    Texcalibur Logistics works closely with companies to create hazardous waste disposal plans that meet their needs in compliance with both federal and state mandates. Thanks to our network of thousands of carriers, we can assist with hazardous waste disposal nationwide. Many businesses who violate OSHA disposal requirements do so inadvertently because they lack an understanding of their obligations. We can ensure that your business never faces the significant fines that come with violating OSHA protocols.

    Hazardous waste disposal is just one way that Texcalibur Logistics can help your business manage logistics in Houston, TX, efficiently and cost-effectively. Find out how we can create a personalized solution for you by calling (713) 465-1977.